Finally, Affordable Technical Solutions for Senior Citizens

Free Virus Protection

24/7 monitoring to prevent scams and frauds

Live Agents always available to help with any task

PC and Smart Phone Education available

All for Only $24.95!

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Who are we?

55support is affordable PC and Smartphone support catered to Senior Citizens. Inspired by Dennis J. Fitzgerald’s Sr. constant need for technical support from his son, Dennis J. Fitzgerald Jr., together they wanted to create a solution where senior citizens can go for protection, monitoring and live support so seniors can feel confident in todays fast paced, technical world. In addition 55 Support believes in educating seniors to be better prepared to operate in the modern world of computers and cell phones.

About the Owner

Dennis J. Fitzgerald Jr.

Dennis has been in Customer Support for over 20 years and is the Owner of Simple Call Solutions  Simple Call Solutions has been providing Technical and Customer Support to businesses since 2009.  Simple Call Solutions is known for excellent support and being innovators in the support business using state of the art technology.

Located in the heart of New York City, all of our servers are housed right here in the USA

Dennis is passionate to help the growing number of senior citizens adapt to the world of Facebook, Email, Smartphones and beyond.